Yas Marina Hotel Abu Dhabi UAE

Date: 2010

Size: 85,000 sqm

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Architect: Asymptote Architecture

Design Architects: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Coutur



Asymptote's design of the Yas Island Marina Hotel architecture reconciles the dramatic site conditions with the ambitious program to contain a luxury 500-room hotel with extensive amenities situated above a Formula! Racetrack and within a Yacht Marina.


The architecture is comprised of two 300m long elliptical blocks each ten story high, one being a land based structure while the other is located in the Marina inlet waters.  A large free-span, fuselage like steel bridge spanning the F-1 racetrack below connects both hotel towers, affording unprecedented views onto the race and environs.  The entire complex is covered in a monumental steel and glass lattice grid shell structure that produces the Hotels now famous iconic image. While the gridshell structure gives the building its image and form it also serves an environmental purpose for the building by assisting in the stack effect of exiting heated air up and over the facades of the building, something especially important in the hot arid Abu Dhabi climate. This complex geometric skin reflects the sky and surroundings by day, and by night is fully lit by way of a state of the art programmable LED lighting system. 


Asymptote’s design enables the merging of an active marina environment with the spectacle and energy of the annual Formula One Grand Prix while also projecting a modern image of Abu Dhabi onto the international stage.