Tom Dixon and Prolicht launch Code track lighting at VDF

VDF products fair: British design brand Tom Dixon and Austrian manufacturer Prolicht have launched Code, a new collection of stripped-back LED track lights that celebrate electronics circuits.


Code is composed of bare LEDs mounted on printed circuit boards (PCBs) that can be arranged in various configurations to create "graphic lighting sculptures", according to Tom Dixon.

The collection is the result of Tom Dixon and Austrian manufacturer Prolicht's joint ambition to rethink conventional track lighting systems, which typically conceal PCBs, and offer a stripped-back alternative that celebrates and exposes the devices.

At 12:00pm today (UK time), designer Tom Dixon and Prolicht's founder Walter Norz will speak to Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about the new product and their collaboration in a live talk as part of Virtual Design Festival.

"Our collaboration with Prolicht started high in the mountains of Innsbruck where we shared our first thoughts on a minimal track system that would attempt to remove the superfluous and reveal the light engine in all its naked glory," explained the brand's founder, Tom Dixon.

"The mystery to us was why so much time and effort had been expended hiding and minimising these extraordinary boards that have become so ubiquitous," Dixon continued.

"The question was how we could expose and explain the simple and intricate beauty of the circuit board and strip away any peripheral decoration or structure."

Code is available with three different shapes of LED light sources named Dot, Dash and Grid. These can be combined to create blocks, spheres, strips or columns of light, offering designers and architects a kit-of-parts with "infinite possibilities".

According to the duo, the collection was a mutually dependant effort, marrying Prolicht's expertise in light engineering with Tom Dixon's design vision to create a uniquely technical and decorative lighting collection.


"It was amazing how quickly the connection with Tom and his team started," concluded Prolicht's CEO Walter Norz.

"Our first joint adventure, Code, represents the epitome of our collaboration: something neither of us could have done without the other. Two different backgrounds and complementary skills merging to create the perfect product."