The Twist Museum

The Twist is a gallery, a bridge, and a sculpture, all in one. The 1000 square meter building twists into a sculptural form and spans 60 meters across the Randselva river. The building was designed by the Danish star architects BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group and is cited as a "must-see" cultural destination by the New York Times, Bloomberg, and The Telegraph, amongst others

Set in the middle of the Kistefos sculpture park, the 15,000-square-foot structure is already on the must-see list for art and architecture lovers everywhere.


Beautiful showroom

In a harmonious interplay of woodland nature, The Twist is a very beautiful showroom with varied light sources and views of the river.

Three galleries

The Twist has three showrooms; Closed Gallery, Twist Gallery, and Panorama Gallery. From the south side of the river, visitors enter through a dramatic double-height space into the Closed Gallery, with clear sightlines through the entire building to the north entrance. The Twist Gallery is, as its name suggests, the interior of the twist itself. In this section, ceilings become walls and walls turn into ceilings when the building turns 90 degrees. From the north end of the building, visitors enter the Panorama Gallery. Its large windows offer a view of the river and the surrounding landscape.


An illusion of curves

Contrary to what the eye perceives, The Twist consists only of straight lines. The long aluminum and wood panels are twisted as in a deck of cards to form a fan shape. The illusion is that you see curves everywhere, but in reality everything is straight.

Down under

A glass staircase leads down to the museum's lower level on the northern riverbank. The full-height glass wall brings the river below close and enhances the experience of being in the middle of nature. The toilets are decorated with art by Tony Oursler.


How did the idea come about?

The idea of a new gallery building came up many years ago. There was a need for a bigger and more modern building that met the requirements of the site's ambition to showcase high-quality international art. Also, there was a need for a second bridge in the park, as the park had expanded downwards on both sides of the river. With a new bridge, the audience would be able to move in a natural circle, rather than in a less efficient U. The idea of merging these two needs into the same building came from the architects of BIG, and when the drawings were on the table we knew that time had come. It had to be The Twist.

The Twist now acts as a second bridge in the sculpture park, forming a continuous loop across both riverbanks.


The idea is that you make a round trip. You have to pass through the art exhibition, whatever it may be, to see the entire park. The new gallery knits the whole place together.

Owner Christen Sveaas

Complex sculpture in the river

The Twist is a very simple and beautiful design, while technically immensely complex to build. The fact that it built across a river also did not make the construction process easier. When the temporary support bridge in the river was removed for the first time, the building sank so much that the entire building had to be re-opened and all bolts had to be welded again.