Shade Burger restaurant branding & interior design

The modern burger café “Shade Burger” in Poltava, Ukraine, with cozy atmosphere and the tastiest burgers in the city at reasonable prices is created by YOD studio of commercial design. This place is aimed mainly on young and cosmopolitan people.
Despite the small area (50 m2), the café can compactly accommodated up 27 seats. The interior of this burger café is characteristic for American burger bars - it is ascetic and brutal.
The design concept is in fact directly related to the cuisine and focused on the burger itself: this simple and extremely popular dish consists of the combination of several ingredients, the main of which is the minced meat


And the similar combination of materials formed the interior of "Shade Burger". The main ingredient of choice in this case and the basis of the dominant focal point of the restaurant is the natural tree veneer hanging from the ceiling, which symbolizes the minced meat. YOD studio had previously used the veneer in their another project in Poltava "Shade meat & wine". There the wood veneer is used to create the illusion of sunlight passing through the trees. The ceiling of Shade Burger, however, is designed to resemble the stuffing essential for creating appetizing beef burgers that is squeezed through a meat grinder.
Hundreds of pieces of wood veneered in different colors and different lengths hang downwards: an installation with a strong visual impact that is further enhanced thanks to the presence of lighting placed at the top too. The ceiling and the furniture, with their dark wood tones, thus heat the interior, contrasting the more industrial nuances given by the presence of steel and cement.
This interior design project was also named the winner at the "Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2017" in the category "Europe Restaurant" on the 5th of October in London. Restaurant & Bar Design Awards is the globally recognized international competition dedicated to the design of food and beverage spaces and this year it was held for the ninth time.