Moment Restaurant

Drinking Wine and being happy is my religious

Being free from religion is my religion

' Omar Khayyam'


Moment is an emerging brand. It was created by one professional Iranian chef and his concept is bringing people to the moment by activating their five senses with Iranian dishes.

The Brief

To design a sensory, Iranian restaurant and food experience, Using poetic reference points to enhance awareness of 'Being in the moment' and to respond to the need for lived connections between people and place.

The Concept :

Using the five senses to enhance the restaurant design

When you decide to eat out is not just about food, it could be about making a new experience. A good restaurant design can attract the customers and make them to return.

 Five Senses such as :


Sight: Creating a pleasing and charming space is more important than element. Installing eye-catching digital menu board or designing an open kitchen that has aaccess to the customer area can bring a joyfull exprience for the customers, also If they see the food process and make sure the foods are fresh they can trust the restaurant as well.

Smell: Smell and the Brain

Enticing  aromas are crucial for a restaurant to thrive. Have you walked by an Asian restaurant, smell the fresh chicken kebab and want to try a bite? Smell processed by the brain's olfactory, there is a relationship between smell and emotional association.  

Hearing: would you like to listen to music while having your dinner?

Music for a restaurant is an integral part of the experience, specially when designing Iranian resturant in England, it is time to introduce Iran musical instruments and the traditional Iran music to other nationality with a live music that play in the space. Sitting in the restaurant with posetive atmosphere and Hearing a new style music could be exciting!



Taste: One of the critical element in restaurant which can success a business. creating a holistic experience will have your customers returning to your restaurant.

Picture above has shown an idea for a board from Persian texture which includes: rugs, table clothes .... for second floor which picked by the author .

The idea for second floor gives the customers sense of Iran culture with displaying Iranian tiles on the wall behind Korsi (traditional Iranian high table).


Moment Restaurant

Huddersfield University Project

Design+Modeling: Samira Mahini

'Be happy for this moment   This moment is your life'   -Omar khayyam