Design aims


Illamasqua is a British beauty brand that founded in 2008 by Julian Kynaston. The brand name has taken of the words 'Illusion' and 'Masquerade' .

The brand is well-known in the beauty industry for its fearless dedication to creativity and self-expression and its campaigns celebrate diversity. With a theatrical heritage, its bold, professional products have gained a cult following from customers and make-up artists alike, including standout heroes Hydra Veil and Beyond Powder.

 Illamasqua has also upheld a strong commitment to never permit animal testing on any of its products. It is a vegan and crulty-free brand.


The Brief

Design a concept workplace enviroment for the new Illamasqua concept studios; an innovative and inspiring workplace and training academy which truly reflects the brand ethos through an unconventional, expressive and connected interior.

The Concept (Slashed around space)

Makeup kit gone mad!

The aim is to explore design of a space.

The customers need to explore it. creating bold and vivid colours to attract people's attention and make them to experience depth of the design.

Window display idea

The window display is inspired by FACHADA COLORIDA PELA LUZ .

As the picture below shows, the design stays clear, with a bold and vibrant pink colour on external walls which is  dragged down to street level. This will enhance the office interaction with the street and ecourage foot traffic inside.

There is a brand logo that sticks in the middle of the window to introduces the brand's name from the street view.

Behind the window has a visual view of the interior to catches the people's eyes while passing the street and attract them to have a look inside.


Basement floor

Ground floor layout

The fundamental principle in the ground floor design is creating an abstract, depth, bold and neat design. Open plan design has linked the office window display to the interior and it will show the customer's first glimpse at what the brand has to offer.

When the customer enters the space, An elegant, giant reception desk with a lipstick-shaped laid down on the floor that is a combination of black and pink colors will dazzle the customer's eyes and involves them to continue their journey through space.

The pictures above show the design development progress.



First floor (The design aim is to create space illusion with depth)

On the first floor tried to create space illusion by putting the mirrors in front of each other.

Second floor





Concept: Slashed around space

Location: Leeds city

Huddersfield University Project