Seashell aquarium

We have had a trip to see the Hull Aquarium. At first glance, we have noticed the Aquarium had a solid, rough, static exterior surface that did not relate to its content. After the observation from our personal experiences, we decided to redesign a building with a form that belongs to the sea and comes out of the bed of this boundless water with creating a tangible experience for its audiences to make them excited and happy on first sight.
'Samira & Sam Vaziri-Zadeh'


Seashells come to live (An iconic building represents Hull city)

Seashell Aquarium is an innovative and Sculptural aquarium for Hull city in the UK. The concept is inspired by seashells to create an aesthetic and tangible experience by activating a sense of exploration and curiosity for its audiences.

The aquarium exploits the landscape of the Hull river and is fully integrated with its platform.

The project aims to respond to the people's need to have a new place of entertainment that is in line with the new century. A building that meets the needs of today's human beings and interacts with its surroundings.

The goal of this project is to design an iconic building for the city.


Exterior and spaces:

This Aquarium has a white parametric facade. The intelligent skin of the building can adapt to environmental conditions. There is a "smart management system" that will monitor the external and interior conditions of the buildings will also be used to automatically adjust heating in the building and minimize its energy consumption.

This building consists of 4 floors with one wide scallop-shaped window that has views of the Tidal river. There are a glass restaurant and a Marine gallery on the top floor. When the sunlight passes through the shell and shines into the gallery, a view of the deep sea appears for the viewers.


The picture below shows the initial ideas and the development process from the start point to the end point of the design.


Concept: Seashells come to live

Style: Parametric architecture

Designers: Samira & Sam Vaziri-Zadeh

Redesign Hull Aquarium

Conceptual Project