Fabric Sushi

Architect: Eme Carranza

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project year: 2019

Category: Restaurants


Since it’s a sushi chain, we based the idea on a design easy to replicate by creating modules adaptable to different surfaces and self-supported. A layout that takes the topography of the behavior of the tides as a reference, resulting in an organic visit suitable for its product, there is no fresher fish that the one in its own habitat. The morphologies refer to nature, reefs and coral, but developed with materials such as concrete and wood that denote the man’s hand. The sensation is of being immersed in the caves at the bottom of the sea.

This 500m2 venue belongs to Fabric Sushi, a very important sushi chain with 41 franchises between Argentina and Uruguay. They called us to restyle their brand and this is the first venue in which we participated, located next to the river in Puerto Madero, a prestigious neighborhood of restaurants and offices.

The biggest challenge was designing a project that was our base in order to work in different locations and venues. By working with a franchise, this first venue needed to be easy to replicate, that’s why we worked with modules that were adaptable to different surfaces and self-supporting. At the same time, the dimension was also counterproductive to the idea of imitating the underwater caverns, in order to overcome this, we faceted woods lowering the height of the ceiling and achieving that feeling of being under water. Another element that was necessary since it’s a sushi restaurant, was to incorporate reminiscences of the Japanese culture into the design.

The result is a layout based on the topography of the tide’s behavior, with an organic sitting design that alternates different heights and offers different instances throughout the restaurant. It’s an environment suitable to their product, because there is no fresher fish than the one in its own habitat. A morphology that refers to nature, reefs and corals, but with materials such as concrete and wood that shows the man’s wit and hand.

To reinforce the concept, we illustrate a wallpaper mural based on biodiversity found in the sea, generating the feeling of rhythm in the space and creating another area for a VIP lounge. Lastly on the walls one can find organic forms masking fish tanks with aquatic plants. All these decisions, elements and details throughout the venue helped generate the sensation of being submerged where the fish live.

We made a place where the senses are not only activated by the gastronomic proposal, but also by the feeling generated by the space. The smell of its materials reinforces freshness and helps flavors explode in the mouth creating a third dimension, the experience.

Designing an innovative and different space worthy of being remember was key in the sitting display which aims to generate a new and unique experience each time you return.

We developed a concept entirely linked to the gastronomic proposal, “there is no fresher fish than the one in its own habitat”, the reason for which we design a layout based on the behavior of the tides, merging a part of the floor with a topographic map of the ocean currents, resulting in an organic and fluid sitting tour. The rest of the elements in the space take up the morphology of the marine biodiversity playing with the volume of the elements. No decision was made as a result of a whim, everything is integrated by the concept, the space becomes solid and forceful, and people indulge in that experience because they feel safe and confident.

We managed to create a restaurant that has a presence in social media, where each person that goes takes a photo, making the place come alive. We designed an imposing venue that generates a strong first impression, intriguing the guest into entering the depths of the sea; we achieved a playful place that drives you to find the different interventions such as reefs that mask fish tanks, paper windows, and murals.