Exhibition Center of Otog Kuan Wang

The Exhibition Center of Otog located in Erdos, China sits atop a 40,000m2 site surrounded by a public park. Kuan Wang’s goal for the design was to create a structure that would give back to the people while also blending into the surrounding landscape.

The multifunctional exhibition center situated in the large grasslands of northern China houses four exhibition parts: history, culture, industry, and urban planning. It will serve as a landmark to the city while becoming an integral part of it.


Systems connect to link the four exhibition spaces which ties into the concept of the structure: to fuse multiple parts of the building to blur the separation between interior and exterior. With the shading fins on the façade constantly changing to provide shading from the sun, the edifice appears to be constantly morphing to suit the demands from its surroundings.

Its roof functions as a park with a large stepped topography that becomes both a resting and active place. By designing the roof to be an inhabitable space, the exhibition center continues the landscape of the park to create constant activity on the exterior and interior of the building.