Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar-Sweet Shop in Stavros, Chalkidiki by Normless

Architects: Normless
Project: Pop Sugar-Sweet Shop
Location: Stavros, Chalkidiki, Greece


The architects used a bright blue color on the curvy facade, which also runs on the floor making this 25m² store stand out. The same blue color is used on the counter acting as a backdrop for the geometric pattern that covers the bar. Pastel pink capsules are used as shelves following the playful design concept.

The surrounding walls and ceiling are coated with Kourasanit natural filler and the wall behind the bar counter is covered with white curved tiles.

Separating the front part of the store from the backspace kitchen area is a “chocolate” pink door. On the other side of the street there is a matching trolley where candies and popcorns are served.

Ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/pop-sugar-sweet-shop-in-stavros-chalkidiki-by-normless/