Plants cover grey steel of Hotel Click Clack Medellín by Plan:b Arquitectos

Verdant greenery contrasts with the concrete benches and grey metal walls of a hotel in Medellín, Colombia, designed by Plan:b Arquitectos.


Plants native to the mountainous region around Medellín grow from planters built into the steel walls and hang from triangular metal baskets suspended from the ceiling in the lobby area.


A hotel cafe occupies one side of the courtyard, with folding glass doors that open so tables can spill out into the open air.

In the dark spaces underneath the heavy, black-steel hotel there are seating areas and a bar with high stools perched around a long bar that is rounded at one end.


Elements such as chutes and slides made of polished concrete were placed next to steps to add a playful element to the space.

Apart from the green of the plants, grey concrete and deep-grey steel forms the Hotel Click Clack Medellín's palette.

"There is a single colour dominating the entire building and its elements: the colour of the shadows," said Plan:b Arquitectos.

"In Medellín, the strong sun generates defined shadows all the time. The tones vary in intensity always keeping in a gradation of greys."


Plan:b Arquitectos said they designed the building to be an "epicentre" for local creatives to hold events.

"The building was thought of as a large heavy and perforated machine, resistant and friendly," said the studio. "It is designed so that the daily life of the city coexists with the activities of the hotel and its users.