MAD Reveals the Shenzhen Bay Culture Park Masterplan

MAD Architects has unveiled its design for the Shenzhen Bay Culture Park along the waterfront in Sjenzhen, China. The masterplan puts in place a 51,000 square meters cultural complex that includes the Creative Design Hall, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum, and a vast public green space.



Led by Ma Yansong, Beijing-based MAD Architects presented their ambitious scheme for the Shenzhen Bay Culture  Park, encompassing a total built area of 182,000 square meters. Expected to be completed in 2023, the proposal is “set between the young vibrant city of Shenzhen, and the quiet oceanfront”, tackling both the ancient and the future. Located within the Houhai area of Shenzhen’s Nanshan district, known as “China's Silicon Valley”, the Shenzhen Bay Culture Park aims to help establish the cultural aspect of the city.

'' When building a cultural landmark on a site positioned between the dynamic energy of a modern city and quiet timelessness of nature, it should be imagined as a free civic space – at first a land art park, with its functions complementing its aesthetics. -- Ma Yansong ''

Composed of a sprawling green plaza, the project holds, on the ground floor, sunken earth-art landscape functions, such as a reception area, standard exhibition halls, public education space, library, auditorium, theater, café and supporting business. In fact, Ma Yansong states that “architecture should be integrated into nature shaping a landscape where one can find spiritual belonging in the city.”