Kengo Kuma completes stilted Mikuni Izukogen restaurant with a criss-cross roof

Interlocking cypress-wood planks form the roof of the Mikuni Izukogen restaurant that Kengo Kuma has perched on a rocky hillside in Honshū, Japan.


Mikuni Izukogen is located on the Izu Peninsula, a resort area known for its rugged beaches, luscious greenery and abundance of hot springs.

Kengo Kuma and Associates wanted the building to appear as a "cloud-like structure" amongst the surrounding landscape and spent time considering how to best connect it to its hilly site.

The practice decided to draw upon Kakezukuri, a Japanese construction method that involves using pillars to provide stable support for buildings set on steep slopes or mountainsides.

A series of slim steel beams prop up Mikuni Izukogen. The main body of the restaurant is constructed from glass, allowing diners views of the nearby Sagami Bay.


Wide planks of cypress wood – some of which measure up to 11.4 metres in length – have been arranged in a criss-cross formation across the roof.