K-pub Pizza

Project: K-pub Pizza
Architects: Studio W
Location: Hai Phong, Vietnam
Year 2019

K-pub Pizza is a restaurant project that was renovated from a typical townhouse in Vietnam. The street context is shaped by horizontal positioning of balconies and advertising signages. If not handled well, the building can easily be submerged in the entire neighborhood. Therefore, we propose the massing to be made up of vertical lines & forms to highlight, create its own accents and attract viewers from the street.


The vertical elements are concretized & functionalized on the premises by the reception area, cashier, tree basin … They are made up of circular corten-steel blocks. These round corten-steel blocks help shape space & guide traffic in restaurants. They help the traffic in the building to be as soft and smooth as a floating river.

Ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/k-pub-pizza-hai-phong-vietnam-studiow/