Folding Chairs

These collapsible chairs by American design studio Pilot///Wave hang on the wall in an undulating line when they're not in use.

The chairs are made of aluminum and birch plywood and are easy to take apart and reassemble. They are an excellent solution to mass seating logistics as they easily pack away and store brilliantly. In fact, as described by the creators they become an "art installation" when not in use.


Designed to take up as little space as possible when stored away, the 60 chairs hang perpendicular to a 30-metre wall on special brackets.

"The unique storage system also serves as an art installation when the chairs are not in use," say the designers. "The chairs appear as though they are dancing along a gentle curve."

Each chair, made of birch plywood and aluminium, unfolds loosely and is fixed in place by slotting its back legs into its square base.