Endless Table Office by Clive Wilkinson

Project: The Barbarian Group
Architects: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Location: New York, United States
Floor Area: 23,000 SF
Year 2014

In order to create offices that will delight and inspire employees, The Barbarian Group turned to Clive Wilkinson, an architect who has taken on the challenge to come up with an interesting idea to combat monotony. The result? An wavy “endless table”, which serves as an opened desk  for 125 employees. This atypical desk  that looks like a band that is endless curling, symbolizes the collaboration between people and the continuous flow of creative ideas.


The architect says the idea is not a new one and that he has put it into practice in the past, at a lower level. The very long and wavy desk was inspired by a race track of the Italian company Fiat. The idea behind the creation of this office desk  was to ensure the collaboration and high cohesion between company employees. If the staff of the company will increase in the future, you only need to add chairs at the desk. The material is the same as the one used in surfboards, easily divided in  transportable pieces. The surface is covered with resin and  a wood infrastructure ensures the  lifting of the table over the walkways and informal meeting spaces. Each person has a small cabinet that is under the desk. For a more detailed presentation,  you can watch the recording below, in which the President of The Barbarian Group presents the new offices.

Ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/barbarian-group-office-clive-wilkinson/