David Chipperfield Architects completes office with “hanging gardens” in Seoul

Korean beauty giant Amorepacific's cube-shaped headquarters, designed by David Chipperfield Architects, is punctuated with voids filled with trees and pools.


Arranged around a central courtyard, three of the building's facades have large voids that open the building to the surrounding city, and serve as platforms for what the architects describe as "hanging gardens".

The 30-storey building in Seoul, South Korea, has 25 floors of office space above four floors containing public faculties including galleries and restaurants.

A central void runs through the building, allowing daylight to filter through to the interiors of the offices, with the voids connecting the exterior facade and this light well.

David Chipperfield Architects has clad the building in brise-soleil that deflect sunlight and gives the pale facade a soft and hazy quality.

This covering doesn't reach to the ground floor, which has been instead left open with just a glass facade surrounding the atrium.

The ground floor contains the reception area, along with an art museum and tea room that's open to the public.

On the first floor there's an auditorium and a childcare centre, as well as a place for customers to come and test the company's products. A lower ground floor holds further exhibition and retails spaces.

The auditorium stretches to the third floor, with escalators between floors connecting the covered central area, which is lit by skylights under a courtyard pool above