Camper Paseo de Gracia

Store: Barcelona, Spain

Architects: Kengo Kuma & Associates

Year: 2018

These ceramic elements, creating the niches to display the items, are very elemental in shape. Is by repeating them throughout the space that they create complexity. They become the walls, shelves, the staff counter, the customers’ bench; there is no other presence in the space besides these very simple ceramic elements. It is exciting to us to use such an old traditional material and find new ways to craft it, to shape it, to combine its units creating different architectural elements that can solve the needs of the contemporary life.



Text description provided by the architects. We were interested in the idea of displaying each item separately, with their own space, bringing more attention to the products. For that we thought on a niche system composed by roof tile-like ceramic elements. Both Japan and Spain have a long tradition of the use of this architectural element but crafted in very different ways: roof tiles in Japan are glazed and shiny while those in the Mediterranean are left with the material naked, exposing its texture. This difference was of great interest to us and this project was a good chance to explore on this.