Steak Restaurant

Project: STK Steak Restaurant

Architects: Studio Komplits

Project location: Lipenská 11/7, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Completion year 2019

Spontaneity, raw materials, pristine nature and above all – meat. The best steaks in the city of  Olomouc.


Ten years back, you would have come here to have your vehicle inspection certificate stamped. Entering the place, you would have covered your ears to escape the noise of the roaring car engines and watched the mechanics checking clutches and brakes. As the shift ended and the chaps clocked out to leave for home all hungry, they might have been dreaming about one kind of meal. The juicy steak they would eat seated at a solid wood table supported by raw steel legs. Greenery and nature come face to face with animal force. That’s the core of Steak Restaurant’s (STK) interior, housed in a former car repair shop which gave the steakhouse its name.

STK emphasises simplicity and quality, both in its food and its interior. Instead of trying to deny and erase its greasy automobile heritage, the place embraces it. The 320 square metres of the restaurant authentically engage individual elements of its past. This is evident from the materials, which include raw metal sheets, black steel and rebars. We even turned a seemingly problematic layout into an advantage, transforming bearing walls in narrow spaces into a vertical garden and a platform for a barbecue.



Fujiwara Yoshi Restaurant

Project: Fujiwara Yoshi Restaurant
Interior Design: Sergey Makhno Architects
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Area: 800 SQ M

And you will find yourself in the largest Japanese restaurant in Ukraine, designed by the Sergey Makhno Architects studio on request of the chef Fujiwara Yoshihiro. Fujiwara Yoshi restaurant is an 800 square meter maze designed to get lost in the greatness of Japanese culture and not even try to find a way out. Your glances will be captivated by details, — try to notice every single one.


Da Ya Li Roast Duck Restaurant

Project name: Da Ya Li Roast Duck Restaurant
Architecture Firm: IN. X

Project location: Vanke Tianhui, Chengdu, China
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 1480m²

Food is a good embodiment of civilization, as well as the past and the present of a city. Chinese people have been good at tasting food since ancient times. Sichuan is a region of China that emphasizes on food taste and aestheticism. It has cultivated discerning taste buds of generations with its outstanding food speciality.

The Da Ya Li Roast Duck Restaurant, which integrates Chinese royal imperial food and Beijing marketplace dishes, has deeply absorbed the essence of Chinese food culture. With more than two decades of experience in the catering market, it opens a new restaurant in Chengdu to promote the Beijing food culture and upgrade the brand image. The restaurant is designed by Wu Wei, who has epitomized the catering space design.

How to maintain the endless vitality of an old brand is a great challenge, but in this project, the designer is facing both challenges of brand image upgrading and integrating into the local culture.


The red color is a symbol of solemn Chinese royal architecture, and it is also the typical sign of peppery taste in Sichuan cuisine. This color is presented in this project with a visually striking image, which evokes taste memory and recalls national culture at the same time.

The ceiling surface is woven by red rattan, building a magnificent environment. The metal grille divides the functional space to meet commercial needs. The dimensions of the space are connected in series horizontally and vertically, enriching the layers and integrating the whole space.


The cool smoky black antique brick walls and floor tiles reduce the restlessness and anxiety brought by the warm red, achieving a delicate balance between color and material temperature.

The interior of compartment is still in the palette of red. Unlike the enthusiastic public dining area, there is more private and solemn atmosphere. Bamboo woven texture sliding door divides the space in the form of central axial symmetry, conveying a royal noble temperament with the openings of door.


Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar-Sweet Shop in Stavros, Chalkidiki by Normless

Architects: Normless
Project: Pop Sugar-Sweet Shop
Location: Stavros, Chalkidiki, Greece


The architects used a bright blue color on the curvy facade, which also runs on the floor making this 25m² store stand out. The same blue color is used on the counter acting as a backdrop for the geometric pattern that covers the bar. Pastel pink capsules are used as shelves following the playful design concept.

The surrounding walls and ceiling are coated with Kourasanit natural filler and the wall behind the bar counter is covered with white curved tiles.

Separating the front part of the store from the backspace kitchen area is a “chocolate” pink door. On the other side of the street there is a matching trolley where candies and popcorns are served.