K-pub Pizza

Project: K-pub Pizza
Architects: Studio W
Location: Hai Phong, Vietnam
Year 2019

K-pub Pizza is a restaurant project that was renovated from a typical townhouse in Vietnam. The street context is shaped by horizontal positioning of balconies and advertising signages. If not handled well, the building can easily be submerged in the entire neighborhood. Therefore, we propose the massing to be made up of vertical lines & forms to highlight, create its own accents and attract viewers from the street.


The vertical elements are concretized & functionalized on the premises by the reception area, cashier, tree basin … They are made up of circular corten-steel blocks. These round corten-steel blocks help shape space & guide traffic in restaurants. They help the traffic in the building to be as soft and smooth as a floating river.

Ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/k-pub-pizza-hai-phong-vietnam-studiow/

Endless Table Office by Clive Wilkinson

Project: The Barbarian Group
Architects: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Location: New York, United States
Floor Area: 23,000 SF
Year 2014

In order to create offices that will delight and inspire employees, The Barbarian Group turned to Clive Wilkinson, an architect who has taken on the challenge to come up with an interesting idea to combat monotony. The result? An wavy “endless table”, which serves as an opened desk  for 125 employees. This atypical desk  that looks like a band that is endless curling, symbolizes the collaboration between people and the continuous flow of creative ideas.


The architect says the idea is not a new one and that he has put it into practice in the past, at a lower level. The very long and wavy desk was inspired by a race track of the Italian company Fiat. The idea behind the creation of this office desk  was to ensure the collaboration and high cohesion between company employees. If the staff of the company will increase in the future, you only need to add chairs at the desk. The material is the same as the one used in surfboards, easily divided in  transportable pieces. The surface is covered with resin and  a wood infrastructure ensures the  lifting of the table over the walkways and informal meeting spaces. Each person has a small cabinet that is under the desk. For a more detailed presentation,  you can watch the recording below, in which the President of The Barbarian Group presents the new offices.

Ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/barbarian-group-office-clive-wilkinson/

Nuon Office

The complex Nieuw Amsterdam was built 25 years ago and has recently been transformed into a modern mixed-use building: hotel, Horeca services, catering services and the largest part being devoted to the offices owned by the company Nuon Energy. From an architectural point of view, the building was renovated by Architecten Cie Company, being the subject of a project led by Bram Medic.

n September 2012, the Hevligers design+ projects received the contract to design the interior for the Nuon Company and 15 months later, in December 2013 the new offices were in service, 27.000 square meters of offices spread over 6 floors. Due to the diversity of the work, spaces with a large variety of functionalities are included.

Ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/nieuw-amsterdam-heyligers-design/

Steak Restaurant

Project: STK Steak Restaurant

Architects: Studio Komplits

Project location: Lipenská 11/7, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Completion year 2019

Spontaneity, raw materials, pristine nature and above all – meat. The best steaks in the city of  Olomouc.


Ten years back, you would have come here to have your vehicle inspection certificate stamped. Entering the place, you would have covered your ears to escape the noise of the roaring car engines and watched the mechanics checking clutches and brakes. As the shift ended and the chaps clocked out to leave for home all hungry, they might have been dreaming about one kind of meal. The juicy steak they would eat seated at a solid wood table supported by raw steel legs. Greenery and nature come face to face with animal force. That’s the core of Steak Restaurant’s (STK) interior, housed in a former car repair shop which gave the steakhouse its name.

STK emphasises simplicity and quality, both in its food and its interior. Instead of trying to deny and erase its greasy automobile heritage, the place embraces it. The 320 square metres of the restaurant authentically engage individual elements of its past. This is evident from the materials, which include raw metal sheets, black steel and rebars. We even turned a seemingly problematic layout into an advantage, transforming bearing walls in narrow spaces into a vertical garden and a platform for a barbecue.


ref: https://homeworlddesign.com/steak-restaurant-housed-in-a-former-car-repair-shop-stk-restaurant/