Peter Marino channels happiness for renovation of Louis Vuitton store in west London

Peter Marino has used artwork by Tracy Emin and the Campana Brothers to animate the interior of Louis Vuitton's New Bond Street store, which has reopened after more than a year of renovation works.


Louis Vuitton dominates a corner-block of New Bond Street, a parade of luxury boutiques in west London's affluent Mayfair neighbourhood.

Over the course of 14 months, American architect Peter Marino has overhauled the fashion label's store to feature bright fixtures and furnishings that evoke "happiness with no feeling of intimidation".

"I have worked with Louis Vuitton since 1994, and we have moved away from all the brown wood we used at the beginning," said Marino.

"There has been a real evolution towards something lighter, clearer and dare I say, happier."

The interior of the store is now composed of several expansive, double-height rooms which are each clad in sand-coloured stone tiles.

Each one has been dressed with a selection of artworks, an attempt by Marino to bring the theatrics of the store's window displays inside.

"Volumetrically, we wanted to expand the existing space. We found that people react to impressive volumes by wanting to spend extended periods of time in these spaces," explained Marino.

"[The volumes] are so vast that they really allow for both the art and the fashion designer to be respected within the same space."