AMMO Restaurant Hong Kong by Wang Studios


This is one of my favourite restaurants that I’ve seen and I’m loving the ultra cool military chic style modern interior design scheme. Metallics are always really popular in interior design and Wang Studios have used metallic tones incredibly well in the interior design of the AMMO restaurant. Metallic tones are one of my favourite additions to a design as they can make the whole design look finished. The monochrome colour palette is so trendy and stylish, especially with the addition of the tan and lime green accent colours against the metallics.

AMMO Hong Kong by Wang Studios

AMMO’s stunning cinematic like interior was created by Joyce Wang of Wang Studios who drew inspiration from the 1965 film noir masterpiece, Alphaville to create a beautiful dramatic interior space. This ultra‐cool award-winning, contemporary tapas style Hong Kong restaurant and bar is located in a heritage site containing a former 19th Century explosives compound and the interior really takes military chic to a whole new level. The use of metallic copper throughout the interior space is both luxurious and industrial while referencing the military past of the site. “The result is a surreal yet modern space, nestled within the jungle that feels a world away from the bustle of the city.”


AMMO is where a casual setting balances effortlessly with highly crafted dishes and sexy artisan cocktails in almost a very casual environment. It is an incredibly vibrant bar and Mediterranean restaurant within the Asia Society headquarters; As Ammo is located on the site of the former British ammunition storage site, this is where the name “Ammo” comes from.

Military Chic Interior Design

The interior is a dramatic space that features glistening spiral staircases suspended from the ceiling, with metallic copper used throughout to form an industrial yet warm atmosphere. The huge floor to ceiling windows on three sides of the space peer out onto the lush greenery that surrounds the Ammo building. Bespoke metallic copper chandeliers and a shimmering bar back display feeds the imagination and makes for an exciting and interesting celebrating venue with a surreal edge.

The restaurant specialises in homemade pasta dishes, and the Mediterranean‐style dishes have been given a distinctly Asian twist that customers just love. And the cocktail list is just as inventive as the food menu, with specialities including the Earl Grey Martini, with in house infused Earl Grey gin, orange, lemon and sugar, or the bartenders will happily go off menu to whip up anything you like really.


The AMMO Restaurant Interior is one of my favourite restaurant designs and if I’m ever in Hong Kong, I will definitely be visiting for some Asian style Mediterranean food and possibly an inventive cocktail or two. I just love the finish of ever single surface and material used in the design of this space, it’s just stunning in the most elegant way. It is so beautiful how every surface and material complements the next; and there is a perfect balance between gloss, metallic and matt surfaces that adds another layer of luxury and sophistication to the interior.